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Residence Lab

Chinatown residents taking ownership of their public spaces


Boston, MA

Boston Chinatown residents celebrate the opening of Residence Lab in 2019, a program in which residents and artists activate neighborhood spaces and reflect on community identity. Photo credit: Katytarika Bartel.

Residence Lab, a new collaborative program run by Asian Community Development Center (ACDC) and Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center’s Pao Arts Center, seeks to explore how residents can take ownership of Chinatown’s physical space in a way that preserves and fosters neighborhood identity.  Launched in the summer of 2019, Residence Lab brings together local, emerging artists from various backgrounds including film, illustration, photography, sound art, poetry, and architecture and ACDC residents from 66 and 88 Hudson.

Boston Chinatown residents engage with artists to explore neighborhood spaces and how they reflect community identity.