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Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Capital Expansion

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Seattle, WA

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s expansion project includes a +20,000sf community center with the possibility of adding affordable housing. Courtesy of Edge Developers.

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) was formed in November 1996 from the vision of a small group of citizens representing three generations of Americans from Asian and Pacific Islanders heritage. APCC represents 47 countries and cultures, offering programs and services honoring their distinct artistry, business protocols, history and social practices. 

APCC is more than a cultural center – it is a vehicle for community change and responds directly to the needs of its constituents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the APCC initiated and implemented numerous pandemic relief activities. Most notable was their leadership in establishing the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Task Force for Pierce County, which has been critical to culturally- and linguistically-responsive public health outreach.  They have enlisted cultural leaders as the face of public health education, incorporating important public service announcements into virtual live cultural programming and other public events.

The organization has been planning a permanent home for the past 24 years and has decided to expand on the site it currently resides, which is leased through Metro Parks Tacoma Pierce County. The center is expected to bring in 400,000 in visitors annually as well as generate paid programming and space rental.