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Redlining Heritage Trail

Wing Luke Museum

Seattle, WA

Multiple test walks by community members in Summer and Fall 2019 put feet to the ground for approximately 14 miles of the Redlining Heritage Trail, ensuring that each part had been walked and surveyed. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

The Redlining Heritage Trail showcases existing cultural assets that were established and continue to flourish in the enclaves in four Seattle neighborhoods – Pioneer Square, Chinatown-International District, First Hill and Central District – that developed in the context of real estate and banking policies as well as restrictive housing covenants meant to segregate and discriminate against communities of color in Seattle. The Trail includes over 14 miles of total walking trail, mostly on streets, and connects over 80 sites. 

Through a community-driven process, participants of the project’s advisory committee identified sites that exposed Seattle’s history of housing discrimination – and more importantly, told stories of resilience.  Despite the challenges of living within the red lines, there was strength in community and these incredible neighborhoods became home to many generations of families that still remain fiercely committed to protecting the neighborhoods from further gentrification and displacement.  

This project highlights the collaborations among communities of color in Seattle who still work together, forging community, cultural vitality and political strength. It marks a partnership with the Northwest African American Museum, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience and the National Park Service along with a Community Advisory Committee, composed of 17 volunteers, with 80 additional Advisors and contributors to the project.